PW Publisher Ad 1


Ad Copy

PW Author Ad

PW Publisher Ad 1

eBooks2go wanted to create a series of ads to raise awareness around its presence at BookExpo and to encourage authors and publisher representatives to meet with its team members. The “Where Dreams get Published” targets authors, while the other two ads pictured are intended for publishers. Each of these ads ran in Publishers Weekly’s special issues for the BookExpo and BookCon events.

eBooks2go Web Copy

Fantasy Genre

When our team learned that the majority of readers still preferred reading print books, it was time to make changes to both eBooks2go’s service offerings and the website. This resulted in a series of new publishing and marketing packages, a new navigation flow, as well as new web pages. After countless hours of discussion, our team decided to implement a genre-based model for the publishing packages and created a series of web pages targeting authors of specific niche markets. Below are hyperlinks to two pages for your viewing pleasure.


Cookbooks and Travel Guides Genre Page

Fantasy/General Fiction Genre Page



Cover Design Email 2

This email was part of a campaign sent to author leads to promote eBooks2go’s cover design service. It saw a 33% open rate and a  6% click-through rate, which were greater than the industry averages.









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