Distribution Ad


Ad Copy

eBooks2go Distribution Ad

I used Adobe Illustrator to transform a stock image from our library into a social media advertisement for our distribution services. This ad was posted to eBooks2go’s Facebook and Twitter pages.


Customer Appreciation Week Ad: Uncover

This was an ad I wrote for eBooks2go’s Customer Appreciation Week promotion for their bookstore.  Like in the distribution ad above,  I used one of our stock images for inspiration. I selected the words “uncover” and “explore”, as well as the call-to-action “look inside” to match the emotion and tone of the stock image.


One Stop Shop Ad


An illustration I made for our social media pages to illustrate how eBooks2go is the one-stop shop for everyone’s self-publishing needs. I used Illustrator to modify a public domain image of a grocery aisle sign to show the variety of services our company offers, and Canva to insert the shopping cart icon and tagline.

Prowess Redesign Web Copy

Prowess Home Page
Prowess Home Page

The parent company of eBooks2go, Gantec Publishing, decided they wanted to redesign the website for their India imprint Prowess. I was assigned to write the copy for the new site, which will launch in the fall of 2016. I wrote content for the following pages:

The content was edited by Marla Jacobson.

Blog Posts

Heather Q&A

I wanted to incorporate more author interviews for the marketing and writing tips sections for eBooks2go’s blog posts because I wanted to provide our readers and target audience a voice they could relate to. In my opinion, Heather was a good author to interview because she is currently in the process of getting one of her romance novels turned into a film. Additionally, she also had gone through both the traditional and self-publishing routes. This interview provided readers Heather’s story, as well as marketing suggestions, what authors need to know about self-publishing, and even some humor with a question pertaining to her most awkward book signing moment.


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