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Published Writing

Below is a glimpse of my diverse writing background. I have written for online, print, and video platforms of newsrooms, car dealerships, a global insurance company, an eBook publisher, and a non-profit organization. Throughout my career, I learned to adapt my writing style and tone to a variety of audiences. Click on the buttons below to view my best samples for the corresponding employer.


Created compelling content for eBooks2go’s blog, social media channels, and imprints.

View John’s Writing Samples


Zurich Insurance

Ghost wrote press releases and social media posts and created an internal report to measure the effectiveness of the Media & Public Relations team’s 2015 communications strategy.

John’s Zurich Highlights


Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Wrote content for the Chicago chapter’s blog, social media, and email channels.

LLS Highlights


Launch Digital Marketing

Created blog posts, product pages, and business descriptions for a variety of clients in the automotive industry.

Launch Highlights


Vox Magazine

Had two class assignments featured in Vox Magazine.

See John’s Featured Work





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